Rimowa Lifetime Guarentee
Design Director
Art Direction
Women Looking out of train with Rimowa suitcase
A Rimowa suitcase is built for a lifetime of memories. We where tasked with bringing attention to Rimowa’s lifetime guarantee platform. The case’s imperfections became the feature of the campaign as they tell the stories of consumers and the journeys their cases go on with them.
Sheet of stickers from Rimowa Suitcase
Person holding silver Rimowa Suitcase Rimowa suitcase with stickers in open room
Couple sat with Rimowa case between them
48 Sheet of Rimowa Poster
6 Sheet of Rimowa Poster
Flypostering of Rimowa Poster Flypostering of Rimowa Poster
96 Sheet of Rimowa Poster
We-transfer background to see case damage
Digital banners from campaign
Campagin toolkit with a selection of pages