Samsung Flip 4 Launch
Design Director
Art Direction
Friends taking photo on a roundabout
The Samsung Galaxy Flip4 GoBig campaign’s objective is to get next-generation creators to switch, by flipping the script from what you create to how you create. We are a phone for people that want to do things differently and proudly stand out. Our consumers want to flex, flaunt, and flip their creativity, so our tone should reflect that. We want to be to the point and clear, but in a playful way with a little attitude and some swagger.
Friends taking photos on steps with Flip 4
Person using Flip 4 to stream youtube on Person putting Flip 4 into their pocket
Person play guitar in front of Flip 4
Static social carousels of Flip 4 moments
Static social posts of Flip 4 moments
Samsung Website showing android features
Digital static banner of Samsung Flip 4 campaign Digital static banner of Samsung Flip 4 campaign
Full motion sequence shown in Canary Wharf